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Workout Armband XL

Workout Armband XL


The perfect accessory for the individual with an active lifestyle. Whether you are going on a hike in the woods and want to stay hands free, or running a few laps around the track/gym our armband is the right choice for you. With openings on both the top and the bottom you are able to access all of the ports you need to use. Don't want to bother taking a full set of keys just to have that one house key? No worries, with the slot specially designed for a key you can leave the key ring behind and take just what you need. The plastic covering over the face of the phone works great with sensitivity and does not affect screen functions.
  • Armband Case provides carrying convenience when you're working out, jogging, performing outdoor activities or anytime you're on the go;
  • Features elastic straps on the sides to keep phone in place;
  • Super-lightweight water-wicked and flexible nanophase materials;
  • Adjustable armband fits different size arms;
  • Made of well breathable material;

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